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Organised Pixels is a tight-knit family of skilled designers and storytellers based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are creative, funny and dedicated, using our collective experience and expertise to create meaningful and compelling content for all platforms. We're extremely passionate about what we do and strongly believe in self-improvement, embracing new challenges with an open mind and finding solutions to overcome marketing and design barriers.

We work with the most ambitious companies and have helped build and transform brands both locally and internationally, helping them redefine their brand and connect with the world. Our efforts are increasingly focused on long term brand strategy and our process is proven to help clients achieve significant growth.

Organised Pixels
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Our Creative Portfolio

Herewith a small selection of some of the projects we've completed as of late, as well as a few ongoing campaigns and some creative projects our team has tackled recently.

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Ready to start a project?

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Services We Offer

We create engaging artwork, powerful identities and effective strategies
to connect brands and companies with their target audiences.


Your company's branding is about expressing its values and unique personality. We assist businesses to build a consistent experience throughout all user touchpoints that resonates with future clients and grows existing relationships.


We believe that design is meaningless without a strategy. Assisting businesses of all sizes to help them understand their client base, define their voice and achieve their goals.

Design & Development

In this complicated digitally-driven climate it's more important than ever to have a unique and memorable presence. We assist in bridging the gap between prospective clients and the information they require to make decisive decisions, by building engaging content on all platforms.

Motion Design

The world revolves around motion, from video and animation to virtual tours, we assist businesses in creating engaging, interactive and stimulating content to reach their audiences and get their message across.

Organised Pixels
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